Ehrick’s life-long fascination with mountains, trees and organic lines is evident in his three distinctive styles of artwork: landscapes, or more specifically, mountainscapes, highly-detailed graphite drawings and fantasy scenes in metallic acrylics.

His mountainscapes are inspired by the stark vistas of the high Sierra and Sonoran Desert, and emulate the works by Hudson River School landscape artists, as well as the bold images of famed illustrator Maxfield Parrish. They seek to capture the vivid colors, bold contrasts, and atmospheric clarity found uniquely in the high mountains, with particular emphasis on the unique patterns and shadows created by snow and rock.

His drawings are based on trees encountered in the high Sierra. The large, detailed drawings attempt to capture the organic forms and rich texture of dried-out wood, while emphasizing the stark shadows created by the clear high-altitude light. Recent drawings integrate human forms against trees, stressing commonalities of form and shadow.

His dreamscapes, painted in metallic paint on wood panels, are deeply personal paintings depicting people, animals and buildings in a surreal tangle of organic, flowing lines that draw the viewer into the image. The extensive use of metallic paint gives them a unique luminescence that changes dramatically under different lighting conditions.

Ehrick lives in the Southern California desert community of Rancho Mirage. Prior to moving to Southern California in 2003, Ehrick lived in Boston, where he attended the Mass College of Art, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Decordova Museum School. He has participated in various group shows since 1990, but principally shows his work through his home studio.